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  • Minister Nuhodžić in Brussels: As reliable partner of EU, Montenegro set to tackle mass migrations
    #GovernmentOfMontenegro #TheGovernment #HumanRights #TheGovernmentOfMontenegro #EuropeanCommission #EuropeanUnion #WesternBalkans #CouncilOfEurope #InteriorMinister #MevludinNuhodžić #BosniaAndHerzegovina #InternalAffairs Brussels, Belgium (19 June 2018) — Interior Minister Mevludin Nuhodžić noted earlier today in Brussels that Montenegro, as a reliable partner of the European Union, has taken all necessary measures to successfully face a possible wave of illegal migrations, adding that all European […]
  • Ministers Nuhodžić and Kickl meet in Brussels: Austria recognises Montenegro’s efforts in rule of law, supports its EU bid
    #GovernmentOfMontenegro #EuropeanUnion #InteriorMinister #MevludinNuhodžić #EuropeanIntegration Brussels, Belgium (19 June 2018) — Austria recognises Montenegro’s efforts in strenghtening the rule of law and supports its European integration, Interior Minister Herbert Kickl told his Montenegrin counterpart Mevludin Nuhodžić in Brussels earlier today. The two officials spoke on the sidelines of today’s meeting of interior ministers of several […]
  • Paris: EU awards additional EUR 1.5 million grant to Montenegro for construction of bypass around Budva
    #WesternBalkans Paris, France (18 June 2018) — Within the 19th invitation for grant support under the Western Balkans Investment Framework, the EU allocated additional EUR 1.5 million to Montenegro for developing the project documentation for the construction of the bypass around Budva, as a priority part of the coastal variant of the Adriatic-Ionian motorway, the […]
  • PM Marković visits Kolašin 1600 construction site: “Roll up your sleeves or we will be quarrelling”
    #GovernmentOfMontenegro #DuškoMarković #TheGovernment #TheGovernmentOfMontenegro #PrimeMinister #ConstructionSite Kolašin, Montenegro (18 June 2018) — Prime Minister Duško Marković visited earlier today the construction site of the Kolašin 1600 ski resort, and on that occasion he warned the contractors and all the stakeholders involved in the process that they need to undertake additional activities to compensate for the […]
  • DPM Simović: Beekeeping sector is richer for 121 young beekeepers who receive 363 bee communities
    #MilutinSimović #DeputyPrimeMinister #TheGovernment #UnitedNations #PrimeMinister #MinisterOfAgriculture #YoungPeople #RecordHolder Danilovgad, Montenegro (18 June 2018)–121 youngsters from different parts of Montenegro got three hives with established bee colonies through the Public Invitation for the grant of support for young beekeepers-beginners for 2018, which is being implemented this year through Agro Budget. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of […]

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